Building an All-Star Social Media Team

Digital marketing is now easier with the help of social media teams.

Three Tips to Help you Build a Dynamic Social Media Team

When it comes to building a social media team that is right for your company, it is easy to become overwhelmed when considering the time and resources it will take. Social media provides a unique way of engaging with your target audience. In order to take full advantage of everything social media has to offer, you must have a team that is appropriate for the brand.

Outlined below are three tips to build your team.

1) Assess the Current Situation

It is important to begin by assessing the current situation of your company. Before constructing your social media team, you may want to consider the budget, resources and workforce that will be needed. Your budget will affect how many people you can hire and what social media tools your team will have access to. Furthermore, it could also affect how broad or ambitious your social media goals will be. In addition, resources such as different tools and software can help increase your team’s productivity while possibly reducing the number of individuals that are needed on the team. Finally, rather than hiring new team members, assess whether there are current employees at the company who may be skilled in social media marketing.

2) Prioritize your Social Media Goals

When outlining your social media goals, it is important to align them with your company goals; you must define how social media will help your business. Due to the fact that social media platforms are constantly changing, it is important for your team to define and redefine the company’s social media goals. For example, your social media team may want to focus on increasing brand awareness in order to expand the company’s reach. Social media goals will not only hold the team accountable, but it will help you determine the appropriate budget. Furthermore, knowing your goals will allow you to decide on the appropriate team size.

3) Plan your Team Structure

Every social media team member is vital to the success of the brand.

You should decide on the size of your social media team based on your overall purpose. Due to the fact that companies vary in size, not every brand will need a large team of professionals. However, all companies should at least have a social media manager, content creator, community manager and analyst. Social media managers provide organizations with the guidance that is needed to enhance their online presence; in addition to developing the marketing plan, they are responsible for optimizing brand awareness. Similar to a designer, content creators specialize in creating content such as blog posts, pictures and videos; they must be creative and engaging. Community managers are responsible for engaging and connecting with your audience on social media; in addition to replying to comments, community managers must help shed a positive light on the brand. Finally, the analyst is in charge of evaluating the data and metrics of your social media efforts. For example, they will analyze the engagement rates, traffic and click-through rates of your various channels. Each member of the team plays a vital role in the success of the company.

Even after your social media team has been established, it is important to always look for ways to improve the team. Successful teams have been known to always stay ahead of the new trends. Teams will not be successful unless everyone is working toward the same goals.