Tips for Spending Screen-Less Time Each Day

It’s happened to all of us. You’re scrolling on your phone on a Sunday afternoon, and the notification buzzes across your iPhone screen, “Your screen time was up 15 percent from last week for an average of 2 hours per day.” These days, it’s easy to forget to take breaks and spend time away from screens. So, here are a few tips for spending screen-less time each day.

Find your happy place to relax

It's important to spend screen-less time each day and relax while doing something you love.

It doesn’t matter if this looks like your bed, a cozy coffee shop, or any of your other favorite places. The first step to putting in screen-less time each day is finding a place where you feel comfortable to un-plug and relax.

Devote just a little time each day without devices to do something you love

This step can be tough. Life gets busy with work, keeping up a social life and other things that get in the way of spending screen-less time each day. So, start small! For example, begin with putting 10-15 minutes aside to go off the grid and do something you love.

Whether you want to sip a glass of tea while wearing a face mask, journal, pray or meditate, just do something that brings you joy. This makes it so much easier to go away from your screens and you can adjust the length of time depending on how much time you have.

Set time limits for apps on your phone

Setting time limits on your phone can help you go find time to go screen-less each day.

This step is so useful and so easy! Whether you use an iPhone or Android, installing time limits on apps on your phone is a simple way to remind yourself to get away from your screen.

When you set time limits on apps, you choose how much time you would like to choose on each app for a day. If you pass the allotted time, the phone will send a notification that you’ve spent too much time on the app.

Hopefully these tips will help you spend screen-less time each day. Happy relaxing!