Five Second Hook

I was watching YouTube videos today, skipping after the five second commercials like everyone does, and missing the glory days of YoutTube with no commercials when for the first time ever a YouTube commercial actually got my attention.

I was about to listen to a random song when Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn pop up on my screen begging me not to skip after five seconds. The camera angle made it seem like we were video chatting. After the five seconds I did not skip to my song. I watched the preview for Wilson and Vaughn’s new comedy The Internship, but then I got bored. SO I skipped to my song after about 1:45 into the preview. It was a funny preview, and I’ll probably watch the movie, BUT 1:45 is pushing my patience.

YouTube gives people ZERO attention span. Harlem Shake videos that are even 2 seconds longer than the standard 30 were deemed agonizingly long. Now two weeks later mentioning Harlem Shake makes you seem as dated as parachute pants.

The Internship’s pre-preview 5 second hook video. Is going to be a standard now that everyone will go by. You heard it hear first! Especially movies. Throw out five seconds of movie bloopers at the beginning to stop people form skipping after 5 seconds and you will have more people watching your previews. I would recommend a YouTube sized preview that doesn’t exceed 1:30.


We will see if the other summer blockbusters catch on.