4 Email Subject Line Styles To Increase Your Open Rate

If the average person receives 90 emails per day, how can you make yours stand out? The answer lies in your subject line. The email subject line is your first and most important impression on readers. In many cases, your subject line is just as significant as the information in the email. Crafting email subject lines have become an art. They must be simple yet complex but also informative yet compelling enough to make the reader want to open the email and learn more. Check out these different styles you can incorporate into your next email subject lines in order to improve your open, read and click rate.

1. Timeliness

Many times when people subscribe to an email list, they are looking to stay in the loop. Email subject lines can do just that by including important details that will lead to the reader clicking to learn more. This technique can be executed by using terms such as “today”, “tomorrow”, “tonight”, etc in the headline.

2. Short and Sweet

Remember, subject lines are meant to grab the reader’s attention. They are not meant to display every single detail. Simple enough.

3. Emojis

Whether you know it or not, emojis are here to stay. In fact, emoji usage in campaigns has increased by 609%. These fun little characters differ from traditional text and add an unexpected special touch to the reader’s inbox. They can be used to emphasize an idea, convey an emotion, or even tell a story. Be careful to not overuse emojis or else they can backfire and deter readers from opening the email.

A screenshot of an email that includes an emoji. The subject line states "gee, thanks, just bought it" and includes an emoji person tipping their hand
A screenshot of a recent email that includes an emoji in the subject to emphasize the campaign message.

4. Offers

Offering something free, discounted or exclusive? Let your audience know in the subject line. Everyone loves a good deal. This will give your audience an extra reason to read what you have to say.

Next time you are writing an email blast, incorporate these styles into your subject line to improve engagement with your readers.