Digital Marketing for Beginners

Let’s Start with Display Ads: 

Display ads are great for businesses to gain awareness and ultimately encourage consumers to buy their product or service. They can be in the form of a print ad like a banner you see on the side of the road or a digital ad that pops up on the sidebar of your computer. 

As time evolves, display ads continue to adapt and advance. While targeting opportunities are becoming more advanced every day, display ads can be a great resource for businesses looking for unique target approaches. 

Retargeting in the Digital Marketing World: 


From a business perspective, retargeting has become a massive tool for paid ads. From a consumer point of view, you have probably experienced retargeting without even realizing it. It is everywhere. Ever go surf the web for a new product and notice that the product you recently searched now follows you on every social media channel, encouraging you to just buy it? The purpose of this to try and suck you back in, and believe it or not it works on most people. That just means you are being retargeted. 

About every social media network, like Instagram and Facebook, offer to retarget on their platform as a powerful targeting approach. For digital marketing beginners, having a retargeting program as a staple to your business is something every company should highly consider. 

Three Words – Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is considered one of the most profitable and efficient digital channels that digital marketing beginners should also highly consider in their digital marketing strategy. For those of you who are unaware of SEO and how it works, it’s simple. Basically, it makes life easier for all internet browsers and consumers out there who trust in an organic search rather than the constant flow of paid ads. Google plays a major role in SEO, allowing high-quality content to be shown as most relevant in the search results based on what keywords the consumer is typing into the search engine. 

Search Engine Optimization

However, from a business perspective, you must consider a couple of things: high-quality content and indexing. For the digital marketing beginners out there, Indexing is the most technical to understand, but it is also very important. Google needs to crawl through all throughout your website in order to digest the content you are placing. It’s important to get your pages indexed for keywords if you want to reach your intended target audience. 

Content is simpler for digital marketers to understand, but also very important. It is vital that your keywords are matching up with the keywords your target audience is typing in the search engine. Social media is a great tool to use when connecting SEO and marketing to target your consumers. It is a useful way for your business to engage with your customers meanwhile communicating with them online to build awareness. Some channels that are helpful to lean on are Facebook, Instagram, Twitters, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+. For beginners, social media is something you should familiarize yourself with as a digital marketer. These social media ads are great tools for targeting any specific audience that may be interested in your product or service you have to offer. Consider investing in SEO because it is a credible agency that understands the importance of making your business relevant to those searching the web. 

A good thing about digital marketing is that Google provides a free analytics platform, so you can easily see where your traffic, revenue, and leads are coming from. This allows you to evaluate your options whether you want to invest your money into other resources throughout the different social media platforms. 

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