The Influence of Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the largest and most powerful social media platforms available, however it is not utilized to its fullest extent by many organizations. Read more about the power of Pinfluencers, the Pinterest Influencer.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a unique social media platform. The idea is that it resembles a board where you can pin different ideas and inspirations to your personal (or organization’s) board. These are organized by ideas, topics, or any way that you may see fit. The posts, also known as pins, are then displayed as images. This is an easy to read and aesthetically pleasing way to reach an audience. Many of the most popular categories revolve around food, events, and clothing inspiration.

What is a Pinfluencer?

In the social media world today, influencers are an almost necessary accessory to building your audience and popularity. An influencer is a person with the power to influence others to follow a trend or make a purchase. They aid organizations in growing their audience and reaching new demographics.

A Pinfluencer is an influencer that specializes in Pinterest. These Pinfluencers are popular on Pinterest itself, with a large following and therefore a large audience to reach.

Specifically, their boards are usually devoted to a certain trend, whether it be fashion, food, music or something else!

Working with a Pinfluencer involves an open conversation about what you want to see projected into the social world. Also, they then re-pin your pins and photos onto their own page.

Their followers trust their judgment and opinion. Followers know that influencers will only pair with organizations they are passionate about.

Do you need a Pinfluencer?

While Pinfluencers may not carry as much weight as YouTubers or Instagram influencers, they are crucial in the Pinterest world. Pinterest resonates with both young and old audiences. This makes it an important social media platform on which to have success. Also, it relieves the stress of building your organization’s own page from the ground up.

Check out these Pinfluencer pages to get a better idea of what they do!