Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform


Facebook for Business: Maximizing the Platform

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One of the world’s most popular social media platforms is Facebook. Facebook reaches many demographics, making it a viable tool for businesses. Advertising on Facebook may be done organically, or through paid campaigns. For many brands, paid advertising on the platform garners a lot of awareness, and if used consistently, could offer a strong return on investment (ROI.)

However, there are many important factors to consider when using Facebook for business. First, it is crucial that the brand’s home page be clear and easy to navigate. Being such a massive platform, it is easy for consumers to be misdirected to other similar pages and get lost in the mix. Making sure the brand is clearly represented and easy to find is the first step to using Facebook for business.

Next, provide returning customers and potential customers with detailed information. Photos and videos of new products or features may be added to the social media page regularly. Announcements or news may also be shared using Facebook. Also, take care to interact with customers via the platform; responding to comments, sharing photos and other interactions aid in building strong consumer-brand relationships.

Finally, direct users from Facebook to the organizations website. While social media is an important tool for gaining and maintaining an active customer base, directing customers to the organizations website is the ultimate goal. Most sales transactions are carried out from the home website, requiring people to leave the social media platform.

Ultimately, Facebook offers a snapshot for consumers of an organizations product or service, and when used correctly, helps to drive traffic off the social media platform and onto the brand’s website. Here, a point of sale may occur. Facebook offers brands high ROI potential, as well as many opportunities to strengthen relationships with their audience.