Hater Dating App

Hates from Hater profile, ranging from "having nothing to do" to "carpool karaoke"

Profile of “hates” on new Hater dating app

Did you think it was possible to fall in love over a mutual hatred for cargo shorts? Online dating apps and programs usually match you and a potential partner based on mutual attraction, things that you both like or things that you are both interested in. This formulaic style of online match-making just got turned on its head. The new Hater dating app looks to find you love based on how much you hate something.

How to Hate

The new Hater dating app matches you with someone else based on your hatred for things. Topics range from Harambe to flour tortillas. In place of creating a bio, you are prompted to swipe through a series of subjects. You then decide if you “love,” “like,” “dislike,” or “hate” the subjects. Hater matches you with different haters and you can swipe left or right to pass the match or start a message conversation.

The app launched February 8th and currently has 120,000 downloads. According to a Washington Post article, the most hated things thus far are the 2016 presidential election, President Trump and bullying. Not far behind are hangovers, the rent being too damn high and bad sidewalk etiquette/walking slow.

Just Kidding

Before making the app, creator Brendan Alper conceptualized and pitched Hater as a joke. Most apps allow you to swipe on people. They don’t let you swipe on trends, news or popular culture. For example, you can’t let someone know your true thoughts about Taylor Swift’s music in a typical dating app. Unless you were passionate enough to put it in your bio… Alper says friends encouraged him to pursue the idea. It would allow someone to swipe on everything, not just a person.

This app is different that Tinder or Bumble. Unlike the previously mentioned apps, you don’t know what your match does for a living or education. It does the footwork of finding common ground before a conversation or meeting for you. After a match, Hater created a Mad Lib-stlye initial message to eliminate the generic “Hey.”


The Huffington Post published a summary and review. The initial reactions are positive and users think Hater is a refreshing take on the online dating scene. As Taylor Swift sang, “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.” Who knows? It might help you find love.

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