Watson Speech-Enabled Ads Benefit Both Consumers and Marketers

IBM’s augmented intelligence program, Watson, is now being used to create speech-enabled ads. These ads allow brands and consumers to communicate within an advertising experience.

Watson is similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Assistant in that it converses with users. But, it is a form of advertising. Campbell’s is one of the first to experiment with Watson speech-enabled ads. In Campbell’s Watson ads, the program becomes “Chef Watson.” Chef Watson combines users’ ingredients with its knowledge of cooking to deliver new recipes to the consumer.

speech-enabled ads

Watson ads are different than any other form of advertising. The system gets smarter after each interaction with the consumer. These ads are the first to allow consumers to converse with brands within an ad experience. Most importantly, Watson acts as a massive focus group. The ads collect consumer and brand insights that brands can later use in brand strategy and ad development.

Benefits of Speech-Enabled Ads for Marketers

For marketers, this technology means smarter ads than ever before. Brands can finally have a one-on-one conversation with consumers. In that conversation, brands can listen to consumers and better understand them. They can uncover truths that were previously unavailable in traditional ad formats. Instead of talking “to” the consumer, Watson ads talk “with” the consumer.

Domenic Venuto, an IBM employee, says, “we know that when brands talk with consumers–and not just at them–customers stay engaged for longer periods of time.” Watson ads are beneficial for both consumers and brands.

Benefits of Speech-Enabled Ads for Consumers

For consumers, Watson is like having an informed friend. And, it is better than a human friend because it listens to everything consumers say. Better yet, Watson remembers conversations and uses them to answer future questions. Watson can answer consumers’ questions, teach them more about products, and help them make better product decisions.

The Future of Watson Speech-Enabled Ads

Watson speech-enabled ads are the first in what should be a major shift in the ad industry. Currently, Watson ads are being used on consumer packaged goods and consumer healthcare categories. But, IBM plans to expand to the auto category in 2017. IBM is also in conversations with major retailers and financial service providers. Regardless of the future of Watson, consumers can expect a unique experience with each category. To learn more about Watson ads, click here.