Pinpointing The Voices of Social Media

In efforts to boost your brand’s social media awareness, it’s crucial to truly grasp your own understanding of all the voices of social media. An approach to tackle this objective is by advancing your social thinking. Start now by listening closely to these tactics that will help drive your brand into reaching their ultimate goals.

What We Must Know

As communication professionals, we must know how the voices of social media, particularly Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter, can be used to produce favorable brand goals.  

Before looking inside all channels, it’s important to recognize how social media platforms don’t come in all shapes and sizes. In other words, there is not just one formula to plug into each platform that magically guarantees success.

Like Channing Tatum, you’re wrong.

Because each channel requires different personalities, we must decide which channel works best to match with your intended audience. As professionals, it’s our job to match these personalities with the specific audience to the particular tone of your message. A way of doing so is by distinguishing the strengths and weaknesses of each channel. Complete this by researching which demographic is used by each channel. For instance, Facebook largely attracts most of its common users ages 25 to 34. Knowing what channels each demographic spends most time on can help us use our channels to work together. We can attract that demographic of audiences to the brand’s website by placing the website’s link to Facebook pages.

Why Audiences Use Certain Channels

The list of social media platforms below feature the real reasons why audiences use them. Learning these voices allows us as professionals to take them into consideration while forming proper messages. Understanding the use of each platform will ultimately improve the relationship your brand has with their publics.  


This online machine is king to a system of many facets. From the friending system, to posting galleries of photos, videos, and statues on timelines, the site is full of opportunities in the marketplace. Known as “The Scrapbook of Your Life, ” the platform captures milestones of users who are able to access groups and official pages of organizations. The online function uses quick interpersonal communication, with some level of personal contact. It is noted how Gen Z is moving to Instagram and using Facebook almost 20% less.


This platform is open to photo and video sharing and enables its users to involve in social networking by sharing their own content. The stories feature is gaining in popularity by promoting the balance of fun, personal information with promotional reward. Some refer to the channel as “show and tell,” as members promote their content full of creative, fun, and inspiring photos. Instagram is becoming more popular among teens and tweens, ranging from 13-30 years old.


The “social network of the business community” is primarily used for professional networking, job posting, with features of general business news. The resume-like profile of members allow users to showcase their background by creating their own network of direct connections. This works by adding users to their network. LinkedIn pages also feature status updates. Interestingly so, the platform is evolving to be less strict on business-orientated messages and more brand useful. More than 3 million users are on Linkedin in 200 counties.


Micro blogging allows all followers to converse using hashtags by curating their own “tweets.” Tweets consist of a 280 character limit that produce conversations that are quick, staccato, and relevant to that member. Some refer to this platform as a chaotic mess. These short bursts of information use special techniques, such as “@” to precede a username and “#” to precede a grouping. Original users intend to use this platform in order to receive first hand national and local news, while also joining in the conversation of quirky things. Although short, a tweet can humanize societies and can be beneficial for audiences to receive short updates from their desired brand.