New Disney App Opens the Vault

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures created a new app suitable for iOS, that enables a subscriber to purchase films that are stored in the infamous, Disney Vault. This new app connects with iTunes so the user can download previously purchased Disney, Marvel and Pixar films, or buy a new one.

The Walt Disney Company is one of the worlds most renowned companies. It has created its own unique brand that spans several different industries. From theme parks to resorts to films, Disney has set a great example on how to properly market a company.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures created the ultimate marketing tool to promote their upcoming DVD releases…. The Disney Vault. The Disney Vault is a special location where all Disney DVDs are stored after their DVD release is over. When a Disney DVD is released it is on the market for a certain amount of time before it enters the Disney Vault, where it is no longer in stores.

Disney has also been pretty exclusive in streaming media through different platforms. Besides their connection with iTunes, Disney has a multi-year deal with Netflix. To distribute their films through mass media, Disney has just created an iOS app called “Disney Movies Anywhere” (DMA) that will stream previous purchased Disney, Marvel or Pixar films as well as newly purchased ones.

Disney Movies Anywhere

Disney Movies Anywhere App

This new app allows one to connect with their iTunes account and sync previously purchased Disney, Marvel or Pixar films onto their DMA account. According to the recent article, Disney Brings 400 Movies to iOS, So You Can Stream ‘Cars’ From Cars, “In addition to recent hits like The Avengers and Iron Man 3, users can also access classics such as Cinderella, which are unavailable for purchase as they are stored in the Disney Vault.” This app will appeal to Disney fans who missed out on buying a Disney film that is now stored in the Vault and unavailable for purchase.

The app is also appealing for mothers and fathers to sign up for their children because it allows parents to filter the movies by the MPAA rating. Disney marketed this app to premiere at the same time as the release of the hit film, Frozen, on DVD. Disney has marketed their materials in a very successful manner. They took a risk in their exclusivity of media streaming, but with this new iTunes affiliated application, I expect success.

3 thoughts on “New Disney App Opens the Vault

  1. I always hated that they would only bring movies out from the “vault” every few years and hike the price up. I’m excited to share my old Disney favorites with my young cousins!

  2. This is exciting! I wonder if this will catch on quickly. Will the convenience overpower the cost?

    • I don’t think it will because the user still has to buy the film on the app as if they were buying it on DVD. The only difference is that with the app you now have the capability to watch it on your computer or mobile device. I think the consumers will still buy many films on this new app, especially since they can get films that are technically in the Disney “vault.”

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