Using Pinterest as a Business Tool

Can Pinterest Be More Profitable For Your Business Than Facebook and Twitter?

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? This quick-to-rise virtual pin board has become a social media giant in a matter of three years. In today’s visually driven society, Pinterest offers users a completely visual experience with themes ranging from food and home décor to sports and world travel.

 In the years since its inception, businesses and brands have been trying to make Pinterest profitable for their brand or products. The benefit of Pinterest for businesses is that it is a completely visual tool. From just pictures and other visual media businesses can increase their sales, profitability and brand identity.  Pinterest- The Visual Discovery Tool eliminates the need for excessive copy on blog posts or media releases. It transforms your product into a picture- and a picture speaks one thousand words.


Pinterst- The Visual Discovery Tool

So just how can you leverage Pinterest for your business? That is easier than you might think. Pinterest is all about creating a visual representation for your brand or product. Therefore, in creating your Pinterest, it must align with the rest of your social media platform as well as align with your brand identity. With analytics and strategically placed pinning your product and brand can certainly benefit from a strong presence on Pinterest.

Although using Pinterest is different from promoting products and brands on Facebook or Twitter, I would argue that it is more effective because while on Pinterest, users are connecting images to their own life; to what they like or want to have. This allows them to create a whole virtual world and you most definitely want your company and your product to be a part of that world.

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