Moov: The Next Generation of Fitness Bands

Wearable Technology Enters the World of Personal Training

Wearable technology is a broad term for devices and gadgets that can be worn by a consumer and are used to make every day activates easier.  Both fitness bands and smartwatches have become very popular among the mainstream audiences. Moov, a brand new fitness band created by an ex-Apple engineer, will change the inaccuracy that has come to be expected by other fitness bands and act as a personal trainer for its owners.  Yesterday, Moov was launched through an already successful  crowd funding campaign.The waterproof bracelet can be worn around the wrist or ankle depending on the activity being performed.  Moov currently supports five different workouts: running, weight training, cardio boxing, swimming, and biking.  The company wants to support more exercises in the future, such as yoga or maybe martial arts.  The company does, however, suggests you wear more than one band at a time depending on the activity you are doing or what you want to improve during the workout. So, for example, if you are swimming, you may want to wear one on your arm and one on your leg.

The Moov has a few important features when compared to its competitors, like the Nike FuelBand, Ftbit, or Jawbone.  The band pays attention to, tracks, and recognizes  the how efficiently you are working out.  The band then offers suggestions on how to improve your exercise methods in real time. This feature can help prevent against injury and causes workouts to be more efficient.  Moov also allows you to review and store your data in their Moov cloud (as well as on your phone). Within the app  you are able to compare your data with other Moov users, creating some health competition.

The company is offering a discount for the early adopters. Currently, it costs about $59 for one device, and about $99 for two (plus shipping).  The product will eventually be priced at about $120.  The Bluetooth bands are only supported by iOS software, but an Android version is expected to be released in the near future.  Preorders will be shipped this summer.  The band is currently available in black and white. If you would like to order your own Moov fitness band, click here or for more details  click here .



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  1. Awesome article, Caroline! The world of wearable tech is certainly becoming a reality. I recently learned about Disney’s new MagicBands, wearable technology that I will get to use while on spring break. I’ll be sure to bring back a full report on how it works!

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