Time for Twitter to Reinvent Itself

As Twitter falls behind in the social media realm, other companies and products are rising to the top. Will Twitter be able to adapt and reinvent itself to be a top competitor?

Social media and technology are constantly changing and developing to do more and reach wider audiences. Twitter has seen dramatic declines in the last three years. Though its growth spread to an impressive 140% increase in 2011, that growth has diminished to a mere 40% overall. Can Twitter rise from its ashes and rebuild itself?

Revolutionary new apps like Snapchat and Instagram are exploding with new features, more users, and restyled designs. Twitter has become somewhat repetitive with people simply retweeting or posting what has already been posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr.  Twitter was created to be a short, conversational, and update-spewing tool. But the question has presented itself: Do we still need Twitter?

Younger audiences made up most of their users. The successful social media apps have become user-friendly and invite people of all ages to engage. Social media will only be used for as long as it is relevant. All other forms of social media complement each other and create a dynamic relationship for users and their various apps. Twitter has a disconnect.

So if then, Twitter needs to revamp itself, and not just by making the site look different (closely resembling Facebook), what can it do without changing its sole purpose? Will it have to change its purpose and output? People can get information from Pages. People can see what others are doing on Facebook and Instagram. Why do people use Twitter right now, and why have they stopped? What can Twitter do that no other social media does? What can Twitter do better than what other social media attempts to do? The niche must be found; it needs to be found quickly. The task is before Twitter.