Comprehending the Weight of Anchor

Record an audio clip. Broadcast it to a global audience. Listen to your audience respond. A “true public radio where any voice can join the conversation,” Anchor sparks conversations in a groundbreaking way never experienced before.

comprehending the weight of anchor

This social radio tackles what other channels have hardly been able to touch- users can not only share their own voice, but also listen to the opinions of others. By encouraging a discussion that allows one to feel completely at ease expressing their opinions and beliefs, Anchor covers topics ranging from sports to politics to celebrities and everything else in between. There’s no limit to what can be discussed and users are exploring every option under the sun.

The app is very user-friendly and users will get an audio welcome to the app once he or she downloads it, explaining the purpose of Anchor. It goes through step-by-step explaining what to do, as brightly colored boxes with simple instructions and encouragement move with a simple swipe of the finger. Users have the option to sync their Twitter with the account and are required to give their email.

comprehending the weight of anchor

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On the first tab, home, one will see trending individual posts or “waves” and the replies accompanying them. Users can like the wave, reply to it, share it on Anchor, share it elsewhere, or follow the user. The “search” tab highlights hashtags categorized by ones first wave, trending, recommended for you, open question or comedy. The last two tabs are for notifications and your own profile. The big red button directly in the middle amongst the four tabs at the bottom serves perhaps the largest purpose of all. Record and start your own wave with this tool.

This app could kick start a new way to have conversations with folks from all over the world and users have high hopes for what it will accomplish in the near future.