What is WhatsApp?

Introducing WhatsApp- The most useful and free mobile messaging app for staying in contact with friends and family, without paying the price for text and calling fees

What is WhatsApp? What is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, that allows you to exchange messages and make calls for free

More than just a simple message exchange; you can send unlimited photos, videos and audio messages between each other

Never think twice about the cost of a message to your friend in Australia, or about the steep price of a phone call to your sister in London, with WhatsApp it is unlimited and it is free

Who is WhatsApp Available to?

WhatsApp is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Nokia and Windows phone and you can message between these different devices

WhatApp is linked with your Cell phone number, so once you download the app all you have to do is find your friends already using the app or invite them to join

You are able to see when the person you are chatting with was online last, and when your messages have been delivered, received or read

Group Chats

With WhatsApp you can create a group chat with three members or twenty; there is no limit. You can name the chat, add a photo and create custom notifications

WhatsApp Hints: What is WhatsApp?

  • Two Grey Check Marks- Your message has been delivered but not read
  • Two Blue Check Marks- Your message has been delivered and read
  • Chat Wallpaper- choose the background that will appear in your chat window by going to settings –> chats–> chat wallpaper

Auto Backup

You can choose how often you want your chats to be archived with auto backup. Ranging from every day, weekly or monthly, or you can simply turn Auto Backup off.

You can also choose if you want pictures and videos to automatically save to your camera roll

Go to settings –> chats and you will see “Save Incoming Media”, if you chose to save these, any picture or video sent to you, will automatically be saved in your phone

WhatsApp is for Everyone

It’s the best way to stay in touch with friends and family who are studying, working, or living abroad. Whatsapp is simple, user-friendly and extremely reliable.

WhatsApp was the BEST while I studied in Spain and allowed me to always keep in touch with anyone at anytime from anywhere!

Fun fact: on February 1, 2016 WhatsApp reached One Billion users

Check out https://www.whatsapp.com to download and learn more