How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

We can all empathize with the struggles of social media. Whether it’s not knowing when to log off, posting to much/not enough, or even the ever-growing unrealistic posts that are slowing clogging our feeds and our minds. What’s important is to realize that this is a struggle for anyone who has a social media account. Some see the simple solution of just deleting your accounts. But is it really that simple? In this day in age, it’s not. 

Deleting all accounts is simply unrealistic. Social media is as much as a blessing as it is a curse. Now that it’s readily available across the globe, its necessity. Now we’re met with two options: admit defeat or figure out how to healthily navigate the turbulent maze that is social media. Let’s keep it simple: stay in touch with reality. 

Social media is great for helping us connect and keep in touch with people we care about but it comes at a cost. As inspiring as it can be, we need to remember that not everything is as it appears on a post. Looking at edited, perfect posts can take a toll on your view of reality. Don’t forget: what people post is not a reality. It can symbolize what they wish was real but nowadays its extremely rare to see a post that hasn’t be edited. Also, don’t forget to look up. We get engrossed in what’s on the tiny screen in our hands and forget to enjoy our everyday surroundings.