How to Maximize a Twitter Presence with 5 Easy Tips

Twitter is a platform that is most difficult to master, especially when it comes to an organization. It is often overlooked and most don’t understand how to maximize an organization’s presence. But, with these 5 easy tips, understanding Twitter and enlarging your presence will be easier than ever.

#1: Use Keywords

Utilize words that the audience is most likely to look up. These are words that have anything pertaining to what the organization does, its core values, and key distinctions. Twitter has even published an article discussing how to maximize the usage of key words in relation to establishing an organization’s presence. Use these words that the target audience will look up. Drive the audience to the organization’s Twitter page and, in turn, the audience will go to the website or other social media pages.

#2: Use Hashtags

Hashtags, especially popular and catchy ones, will drive traffic to the organization’s page. Coming up with a phrase that is two, maybe three words long and making it a staple on all relevant tweets will make the organization’s content seem more interesting. Also, when a hashtag is catchy, it becomes memorable and that is how potential clients and the public remember the organization initially. 

Blue magnifying glass with white hashtag inside

#3: Target Social Media Influencers

Catch the attention of influencers with a high following and high engagement. By targeting tweets towards these influencers, it creates the hope that it will catch their attention. By drawing these individuals to the organization, it also creates a bigger buzz through word of mouth. But, the most important aspect is that these influencers will eventually begin to tag the organization’s handle in their own tweets. Followers of these influencers will begin to take notice and will therefore be drawn to the organization’s Twitter page and eventually the website.

#4: Less Is Always More

It used to be that Twitter only allowed 140 character tweets. Now, with the expansion to 280 characters, it can be tempting to try and fill the space with as much writing as possible. However, making sure that the tweet is straight forward is more important than the fluff that can be thrown in there. Potential clients and fans of popular organizations want tweets that will be short, concise, but are also attention grabbing. In this case and because space is limited, less is always more. It isn’t necessary to fill all 280 characters if it doesn’t make sense and the audience isn’t interested. Create a single sentence that will draw in the audience and leave them constantly checking back for more tweets.

#5: Consistency Is KEY

For any organization to create a successful presence on social media, consistency is key. But, this is especially true when it comes to Twitter. Because Twitter is a fast-paced media outlet, it is especially important to remain up to date. Followers are always looking for updates and when an organization goes long periods of time without tweeting, followers become confused and uninterested. This leads people to unfollow the account and therefore forget about the organization. Keep followers interested and remain consistent. 

Twitter is a difficult platform to master, but following these 5 tips will insure the perfect baseline to creating a successful presence.