A New Way to Customize Your Wardrobe

A True One of a Kind

Moda Operandi, the online designer trunk show site founded by Icelandic fashion investor Aslaug Magnusdottir, revolutionized the way luxury clothes are sold. The site allows customers to buy designer looks straight from the runway following their debuts at various fashion weeks before it is even been produced. Now, Ms. Magnusdottier has another venture up her couture- clad sleeve. 

Currently she is working on the launch of a retail site that will again change the way women buy luxury clothes by bringing advances in customization efforts. The new site called Tinker Tailor is set to sell clothes from nearly fifty high fashion labels including Giambattista Valli, Rodarte,  and Alberta Feretti while offering customers ways to alter and tailor aspects of the designs.


Luxury shoppers can customize looks from designer labels like Marchesa, above, selecting aspects like fabric type, and hemline.


No longer with Moda Operandi, Ms. Magnusdottir is launching Tinker Tailor with three partners. The idea behind the new site is to offer more options in luxury fashion to customers. Hemline’s can be altered, fabrics chosen and sleeves added to offer more women more options. No longer will runway looks only be for model-like figures.

Customers  who use the site will be able to view the clothes with 3-D tools and design their pieces and further order them directly from Tinker Tailor. The only drawback to this new venture is the wait time. In an ‘I want it now’ world customers will have to wait several weeks for their custom-made pieces to be manufactured and shipped.

In addition, the venture will also have a social aspect called Tinker Tank allowing users to share designs to gain inspiration and feedback. Magnusdottir and her partners hope that, like other social media giants, “to tink” will become a verb in the fashion design world.