Read 500 words per minute with Spritz


As college students, our teachers are constantly pushing us to stay on track with the readings from our textbooks, and time after time we end up attempting to cram the 100 page readings in the night before our midterm. Whether you are a procrastinator or one of the few that do keep up, there is a new app that is revolutionizing the reading process. Software developer “Spritz” not only might make us want to read to try out the new software, but help us remember the content that we are reading.

After three years of perfecting the software, Spritz is finally ready to open it to the public and test it out. The main goal of the app is to increase reading speeds by presenting the words in a stationary place, making it easier for the eyes to follow. As you can see in the example above, the words flash in front of you fairly quick, and you do not have to worry about losing the line you are on or scanning a page from left to right.

The application places an “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP), the “point  at which of brain deciphers each jumble of letters”, slightly left of the center of each word to help us focus on the right part of the word. By focusing on the ORP, we allow ourselves to process the word and remember what it said, even if we cannot manage to read the words entirety.

The application claims that this process and presentation of the words enables us to “process information instantaneously rather than spending time decoding each word”, because our eyes don’t move at all. Given that we are processing words and sentences quicker, this ultimately means we can read and progress in a book quicker as well.

While this application may be very helpful for some, others might complain about not having the tangible book in their hands, and therefore would not be interested. This idea is revolutionizing the way we can read, and just when we thought that nooks were cool, the world had to come up with something more impressive. With practice and adjustment, this process becomes easier and easier, and should be interesting to see how popular it becomes.