Tips for Sharing News on Twitter

Engage the Public by Sharing News on Twitter

With over 200 million monthly active users, Twitter has become the fastest way to discover what is happening in the world. Some individuals access this network in order to pass the time while others rely on it to keep in touch with people they know. However, roughly 86% of Twitter users access the platform for news. When natural disasters or terrorist attacks occur, Twitter is one of the first places individuals turn to for coverage about the breaking news. Promote your brand by following these three tips about sharing news on Twitter.    

Share News in Real-Time

When sharing news on Twitter, reference information that is from other verified accounts.

As more information is confirmed, it is important to tweet the latest updates. Real-time information has the ability to go viral within seconds; tweet while the story continues developing. Build off of the narrative that your audience is already interested in. If more information is needed, Twitter’s advanced search capabilities allow you to find experts, eye-witnesses and other journalists. In order to remain credible, recommend other trusted Twitter accounts to confirm your sources; make sure that all accounts are verified. Sharing news on Twitter is not a complicated task; take advantage of the 280-character limit.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Sharing news on Twitter will only work if you incorporate hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

In order to expand your reach, identify which hashtags or keywords are trending; which hashtags are already being used to talk about the subject of interest? Due to the fact that Twitter users are bombarded with tweets, it is important not to incorporate too many hashtags. If the hashtag does not fit naturally into a tweet, do not force it. Always think of the audience first; integrate keywords that are relevant to their interests.

Engage with the Twitter Community

In addition to tweeting the latest updates, it is vital that you join the conversation. It is necessary to continuously check tweets for any sign of engagement. Retweet news tips that assist you in continuing the discussion and answer questions in order to clear up misunderstandings. Engaging and sharing news on Twitter is important because the public is looking to you for relevant and accurate news updates. Furthermore, use the public as a source of information; as the story further develops, examine how the audience is responding to the newest thread of information. Create a relationship with the public and listen to what they have to say.

Twitter is one of the most authentic and addicting platforms when it comes to sharing news stories.