The Internet loves cats.


The beloved cat Maru captured the worlds attention in 2008 on YouTube. You can find his channel here. Maru loves boxes, but the Internet loved watching Maru find his way in to different types of boxes even more — so much so that his videos have over 100 million views. It helps that he is adorable and chubby.

Next up is the one and only Grumpy Cat. Popularized by the community of Reddit – Grumpy cat has been on numerous talk shows, paraded around the internet, and made into hilarious, and not so hilarious, memes. Whether Grumpy Cat, real name Tard (yes, I know), is miserable about his day or life in general, everyone can relate!


And finally, there is the “OMG Cat” who seriously can’t believe I just wrote a blogpost about cats. Watch this little guy here. Not to ruin the surprise, but the little feline had a dislocated jaw, he really wasn’t THAT surprised.


Why does the Internet love cats? I don’t think we will ever know. Maybe the people who love dogs are too busy outside running around with them, leaving all the cat lovers inside at their computers. Or maybe cats are just funny and adorable. I’m going with the latter.