#TBT: A Bad Fad

Who doesn’t enjoy sharing a good memory with friends and family? It is awesome to reminisce, but must we wait until Thursday to share our great times with the world.

One of the most popular hash tags is TBT, “Throw Back Thursday.” According to The Huffington Post, there have been over 75,000,000 as of January of this year. But is it time for a trend to end? Does anyone recall social media code stating, if you desire to share an old picture IT MUST BE ON THURSDAY? Also, if we feel rebellious, will we be fined or shunned from our social media communities? It is time to break out of the norm.

We now can declare all days of the week open game to post pictures from any time in our lives. Man I can’t remember this Monday, took it a while back Tuesday, way back in the day Wednesday, this was last week (but also) throwback Thursday, flashback Friday, seven days ago from this Saturday, some time ago Sunday.  After all, on Thursday out timelines consist of pictures and complaints.

In honor of “some time ago Sunday,” here are some flashbacks of 90’s pop culture.