THE Twitterbuster.

Last week Rand Paul took the senate floor looking for answers about whether the current administration believes they have the right to use drones to kill American citizens. Paul declared he would not stand down until this issue was cleared up.Paul’s rant instantly pushed him into the spotlight. In an age of social media it only took a few hours for him to go viral on the twitter verse. While on the senate floor, Paul sent out twits.



Mashable has even posted a video, of  Rand Paul’s Filibuster in 120 seconds.

Paul temporarily stalled the confirmation of John Brennan, Obama’s pick for the head of the CIA. His reason was to question whether drones could be used against American citizens on U.S. soil. He did this to send a message that the American people deserve answers and honesty from the President of the United States.

I personally commend Rand Paul for exercising his right , but don’t believe he accomplished anything by his effort. He has mostly received mixed views. Some commended his stand while others like Gov. Chris Christie looked down upon it. 

Also one must add that before his filibuster Paul had 96,000 followers on twitter. After his 13 hour stand he had 141l 000 followers. So he  gained 40,000 followers in 13 hours, That is pretty impressive. According to the Washington Post, Rand Paul’s filibuster was the 9th longest in U.S history. The longest one was by Senator Strom Thurmond  (1957) who spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes. Just imagine how many twitter followers he would have gained.