TikTok Hacks: Do They Really Work?

Image Source: Totally The Bomb

A Year of Hacks

2021 is all about hacks. A hack is a way to make something easier. Whether it be an easier way to wash fruit or draw a winged eyeliner, there is an obsession with learning new shortcuts to simple tasks. Social media has allowed people to show their hacks and find new hacks to try. When looking specifically at TikTok, it has become a major platform used to promote the new hacking culture.

TikTok Hacks

The best part about TikTok hacks is that anyone can use them for anything. PopSugar recently published a story about the most useful Tiktok hacks. For example, one hack shared showed how to cut avocados to avoid “avocado hands.” My Healthy Delish, a popular food TikTok account, shared her tip on cutting out avocado pits efficiently and safely. 

Image Source: Insider

Avocados are not the only thing useful for TikTok hacks. One of the newest hacks is how to clean the garbage disposal. Insider recently shared a Tiktok with over 3.5 million views that show how to clean garbage disposal only using ice and soap. Royce Renovations came up with the easy and simple cleaning hack that helps disposal smell better and look clean. 

The Rise of the Hacking Culture

People are lazy. If there is an easy way out of a situation; people will almost always take it. As a result of this laziness, Tiktok hacks have been able to go viral. Even the simplest of hacks have had major effects on many and how they go about their daily life. It is fascinating to see how social media has allowed people to share vulnerable parts of their lives, which profoundly affects others.

The 2021 hacking culture is not going anywhere anytime soon, and it will be interesting to see what new hack will be on the rise in the coming weeks.