Bond Twenty: A Twenty-Something’s New Best Friend?

Bond Twenty logo

Ladies, meet Bond Twenty: the organization to all your chaos.

As a twenty-something looking to get serious with internships, jobs and a whole new lifestyle after graduating, it can be a little overwhelming.¬†We have Refinery 29, Elite Daily and a whole slew of editorial content these days that young adults are drawn to for inspiration. Then you look up jobs on Indeed, company websites and good old Google. Then you’re sidetracked and shopping for the latest trends with multiple tabs open on Safari. And THEN you’re trying to learn about a new city to move to for a certain job and your brain is all over the place. Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of it in one place?

Bond Twenty is a new way for women around their twenties to come together and share their content with like minded women. You can create an account and follow along with editorial content, job postings in the creative and communications industry and even get familiar with happenings in new cities.

Bond Twenty recently launched its website and has already gained a solid following. Its goal is to bring together content that young women are interested in- from fashion, lifestyle, travel, food, health & wellness from contributors. These contributors, known as Bond Girls, share their content onto the site for others to follow along and even discover more from their social media sites and personal blog sites. It’s a win-win for contributors and followers. Not to mention, it’s free to sign up, so there’s no reason not to try it out!

Bond Twenty homepage

Bond Twenty homepage from a registered user’s perspective

Another important feature on the site is the Jobs tab. With a high demand for creative and collaborative careers, Bond Twenty offers an avenue for job listings in fashion, marketing, public relations, interior design, advertising, start ups and apps. There are new positions posted frequently, with more and more businesses in different cities catching onto the organized and promising nature of the website.

There is also a Living, Events and Shop tab. Bringing together all of these important aspects for moving into the next phase of life makes it more comfortable and exciting as young women are about to make big changes after college. So go ahead, sign up and see what all the fuss is about. It wouldn’t hurt to see how organized and at ease you can feel in this creative environment.