The Toga App: Join The Party

Are you wondering what is happening on your college campus tonight, this week, or this weekend? The Toga App will make sure you never miss a party by providing a social calendar of all the events happening on or around your campus.

Toga App

Toga is a social calendar app intended to help college students know what events are occurring on their campus and around their campus at all times. Toga has launched at numerous colleges around the United Sates and the app has had a strong response from students with users at over 250 colleges.

Are you having trouble keeping track of your academic and social events? The Toga App allows you to keep all your events together in one spot, so you will not miss out. The app adds fraternity and sorority Toga Appsocial events as well as concerts, parties, and events happening around your campus. Also, Toga adds academic dates and school sporting events to the calendar. Therefore, everything you need to know and keep track of is in one spot.

If you are curious what is happening at other college campus’, you can take a “peek” to look at other colleges social calendars to see what is happening on their campus. The Toga App lets you create events and invite your friends to them, so everyone knows what events are going on. When you find an event you want to go to, you select “attend” to show other users that you are going to that event.

The Toga App is a great resource for college students to use to help keep track of events happening on their campus’. Join the party and use the Toga App to view all of the events happening at your college on one feed.

Being a college student is busy enough, so let the Toga App do the planning for you. Download Toga to your smartphone to help organize your social life.

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