Alternatives to Google Reader

Over the past few years new RSS feeds have overstepped Google Reader. The following blog will explain a few alternative options similar to Google Reader.

When it was announced that Google Reader was going to “Google’s Graveyard” the tech community should have been surprised. While Google Reader did it’s job – it didn’t keep up with the change in technology.

Google Reader Graveyard

Newer RSS feeds have focused on what Google Reader lacked, functionality. If you used Google Reader you loved it because it got the job done, not because it was a breeze to use. Alternative RSS feeds have been created around minimalism with sleek features something else that Google Reader lacked.

Alternatives to Google Reader


  • Fever’s selling point as an alternative to Google Reader is that it focuses on showing what is “hot” or popular on the web. Users can also determine what news is more important to them and they want more information on, thus making that news “kindling” or a “spark”. While Fever is one of the top RSS Feeds it comes at a price of $20. 


  • NewsBlur, unlike Fever, is free unless you want to upgrade to the premium account. NewsBlur focuses on a social aspect of RSS feeds. The alternative allows you to share articles with friends easily. In addition, the reader can train itself by the user choosing which stories they like and want to see more of, or dislike.


  • Feedly is the antithesis of Google Reader. This RSS feeder focuses on minimalism and easy functionality for users. The feed can be installed on Chrome, Safari, FireFox, and iOS applications, putting all of your news in one place!

Since Google Reader is dead and buried, try one of these great alternatives! Sound off in the comments on which RSS feed is your favorite and why.