Digital Etiquette

Technology doesn’t always mean good manners and etiquette are dead.

In this rapid change of technology and social media, at times one may forget to mind their manners even when there isn’t face-to-face communication. Joy Weaver, a nationally known etiquette speaker, offers her advice on a few etiquette tips from texting to emails.

Some Faux Pas include:

  • Talking in public on wireless cell hone head sets
  • Setting your cellphone ringer loud enough for everyone to hear
  • Text messaging during meetings, school classes, movies, dates, etc.
  • Check for any updates on your favorite sports teams at one of the following places above.
  • Over abbreviating on text messages.
  • Text message to ask for a date
  • Taking unauthorized pictures of others with a cellphone camera

She also goes into detail with email faux pas such as:

  • Answering emails while you are on the phone
  • Using all UPPERCASE
  • Not using spell check before sending the email
  • Not replying back to a business email within twenty four hours
  • Sending an email when you are upset
  • Forwarding junk mail
  • Leaving off the subject time
  • Replying to all.
  • Using a fancy font that no one can read

Weaver offers a variety of tips in her book “Socially Savvy” to all business professionals for anything one can think of. She provides tips on the old traditional interview skills to technology. Weaver has done a great job keeping up with the times as she has accommodated her readings and tips to this ever changing era. She provides many talks on anything one can think of. Her website includes many more tips so check it out!

As described on her website:

“I believe deep down every person wants to do things right, unfortunately in our culture few have been taught right from wrong ~ so my question is: How do you know what you don’t know? If we are deprived from learning basic manners how are we suppose to be comfortable, and confident in any situation, much less successful.”

Weaver encourages learning manners in this technology driven world even when the traditional face to face communication has transformed to texting. She reminds society that even with technology replacing some traditional customs, one can still keep their manners in check.