Spritz: The newest reading app to make you smarter

It looks like our smart phones are promising to make us smarter now. The release of the new reading app, Spritz, is delivering on those promises. Spritz allows readers to read each word individually, at speeds from 200 to 2,000 words per minute.

The new Spritz reading app

The new Spritz reading app

The app promises that users can read an entire novel in 90 minutes – and still comprehend it. The basis is that the human mind can comprehend reading at a faster pace, however our eyes slow us down. By showing one word at a time, Spritz eliminates the eye movement problem all together.

Readers are still able to comprehend the information, however, no matter how fast the words are moving. This is possible due to something called rapid sequential visual presentation. The brain actually retains more information when reading words faster. Spritz founders say that using the app to read at such fast paces improves reading speeds of regular material as well. So it makes you smarter! Or at least makes you able to comprehend more information faster while reading.

Currently the Spritz app is being installed on all Samsung phones, and apps are in development for Android and iPhones. Spritz is also working with Google and Amazon to begin talks on incorporating Spritz with their products to improve reading speed on all kinds of devices.

Check out the website for more information on the Spritz reading app and try out their demo!