Planning Out Your Instagram with UNUM

Looking for a way to see what your Instagram profile looks like before you upload your next post? Plan out and layout your Instagram with UNUM.

How does it work?

Use UNUM to design the order in which you upload your posts. Download the app and sync your personal or business account by logging into your Instagram through UNUM. All of your previous posts will appear in the Instagram layout in UNUM.

Next, select the photos that you are considering posting. You can move the photos in the order that appeals to your brand aesthetic. You can also hide previous posts if you are considering deleting content.

What is my aesthetic?

Your aesthetic is whatever feels right and stays true to your personal brand. Consider the colors in the photos. Look at where you have used photos with similar colors and space them out between posts that look good on the layout of your content.

For example, if you have recently posted a photo with a high black point, contrast, or dark-colored background, post the next dark-colored photo after posting about four other photos with a different background color. Your Instagram content will start pulling together an aesthetic that appeals to the eye and you will be creating a pattern that evenly distributes color and theme within your Instagram content.

Why should I plan out my Instagram with UNUM?

UNUM allows you to plan what your next posts will be. You can move images around and hide previous posts if you are thinking about deleting something. Use colors and themes to display your Instagram profile as an organized and comprehensive piece of art that aligns with your personal brand and aesthetic.

Planning out your Instagram layout helps you figure out your personal brand and aesthetic. It will help you find photo opportunities. If you know you need a future post that showcases your food, you will find yourself looking for opportunities to eat nice meals or create a colorful plate of food through a new recipe. Likewise, if you know you need a photo with a high black point, contrast, or dark-colored background, you will start manifesting nighttime adventures.

Finally, planning out your Instagram with UNUM helps you pay attention to the beauty of your world and what makes you happy. UNUM turns your regular Instagram content into a comprehensive piece of art. You are art, so start portraying that through your profile by downloading the UNUM app now.