TLDR Reader: Know more in less time

Keeping up with the news has evolved as news outlets are constantly reporting the next big event.  There is not enough time in a day to know everything that is going on, unless you live your life as a journalist or in a political office.

TLDR Reader App

This app is the first in its kind to reduce long articles that are found on the web into concise summaries so that you can be more efficient with your time.  With this app you are able to scroll through  a number of story titles.  You simply press on the story you wish to read and you immediately get a short summary.

Students can benefit from TLDR

This app is ideal for students like myself who find themselves extremely busy and overwhelmed with school, work and family.  Not only is it handy because you can find it in the palm of your hand or on your desktop.  It is also useful and ideal because a student has access to a large amount of information like news or research articles within a short summary.

Personally, I would use it on a daily basis because professors are constantly engaging students in conversations about what is happening around the world.  With my schedule I hardly have time to look at anything on the web besides my email.  TLDR would become my morning newspaper and with it I would have more than the usual news to talk about.

As a student who is also looking for employment, being aware of what is happening around the world helps me connect with individuals while networking.  Just being able to relate and talk with working professionals gives you the opportunity to have a better chance of making a real connection with that professional.

TLDR: Know more in less time
Overall TLDR is giving its users the ability to know more in less time.  It is efficient and keeps individuals engaged in new information.  If you find an article very interesting and want more information you also have the ability to read more about it within the same app.