Bahamas Trip

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I went on a Bahamas trip over Spring Break with five of my good friends. We stayed at a quaint little place called Lyford Cay and we had our own little cottage on the beach.
My Bahamas trip was very quiet and relaxing and we soaked up the rays of the sun. One afternoon we went out on a boat and snorkeled on the plane crash in the movie Jaws and went swimming with the sharks. However, I stayed on the boat because I was too afraid of getting eaten.

Besides the sun and all the fun activities we did on the Bahamas trip, another aspect that made the trip so great was that no phones were allowed. Club rules. Lyford Cay is an old-fashion club and does not allow cell phones anywhere on the property. That meant no phones by the pool or at any of the restaurants on site.

At first this was very frustrating since we spend so much time on our phones these days. With all the social media apps and texting we do, we tend to spend a lot of our time on our phones. At first we kept getting in trouble for having our phones out. By the end of the trip we had gotten the rule down and stopped bringing our phones with us. It ended up being a nice break from reality. No one was posting pictures, updating their status, texting someone else, or checking their email. It ended up being really nice.

This trip made me realize how much time we spend on our cell phones. It was so nice to put it away and forget about it and enjoy my time with the friends I was there with.