Picture Perfect Communication?

Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. All have pictures, all have communication but which one is picture perfect communication? Everyone has their own opinion on which network they prefer for photos. However two of these have become some of top ranked cites for photo sharing. 

snapchat instagramfb

First, lets discuss Snapchat and Instagram. These two photo sharing cites are super popular when it comes to “right now” moments. Their main target is picture perfect communication through photo sharing. Snapchat can be related to texting photos and Instagram can be related to instant photos. These two apps are specifically for smart phone use only.

On the other hand, Facebook is not as focused as Snapchat and Instagram. It consists of timelines, wall posts, advertisements, photos, and past communication.  Facebook may have more users but with the new social media networks arriving and attention spans becoming shorter, instant picture perfect communication has increased.

We like visuals, instant photos, and simplicity. That is exactly what Instagram and Snapchat bring to the table of social media.


FOMO: Fear of Missing Out; one of the biggest trends around the world right now in teenagers. We want to be able to keep up with certain trends and social media everyday, every minute. Snapchat and Instagram provide this picture perfect communication while Facebook provides a timeline of your past activity.

Today, researchers have noticed that as more networks evolve for instant communication, Facebook becomes known as the “typical” social media network.