Practicing Meditation Daily Could be Your Next Big Thing

Practicing meditation daily seems to be an increasing trend among prominent people in society. From celebrities to CEO’s of successful companies, meditation has been attributed to personal and professional success. Like any new habitual practice, starting can be difficult, but many believe the benefits make meditation worth the journey.

A Meditation a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Stephanie Denning, a contributor for Forbes, explores the benefits of meditation through her article on how it relates to business. She interviews Elizabeth and Sukey Novogratz, the founders of The Well Daily. They explain how “meditation increases the cortical thickness in the hippocampus, which runs the memory as well as the ability to learn new things.”

practicing meditation daily

Many successful businessmen and women echo meditation’s positive impact on their brains. Venture capitalist and cofounder of Union Square Ventures, Fred Wilson, reported “I’ve been meditating for ten to fifteen minutes every day for the past two months….I am experiencing a number of benefits but the one I am most cognizant of is an increased ability to avoid distraction in a conversation…”

Still not convinced?

The Novogratz duo also explain how meditation has long-term benefits. Practicing meditation daily can reduce the impact of Alzheimer’s. This is because it strengthens the part of your brain this disease targets.

Your Personal Guide to Meditation

If you ever decide to take the journey to practicing meditation daily, there’s plenty of apps that have your back. Forbes’ article titled “10 Hot Mindfulness And Meditation Apps To Watch” gives you a rundown of apps for android and iOS they believe to be “life-changing.” These apps range in both level of assistance and accountability. This means there’s options for the meditator who needs their hand held along the way as well as the practitioner who would simply like to keep track of their mindfulness.

Regardless of your journey, there’s tools that cater to a variety of meditation needs. Also, who knows? Maybe you’ll be the next CEO of a business explaining how meditation helped you climb the ladder of success.