5 Reasons your Nonprofit needs an Email Marketing Campaign

When utilized correctly,  a successful nonprofit email marketing campaign can easily contribute to the bottom line. Here are five reasons your nonprofit needs an email marketing campaign.

1. It’s easy.

No need for coding, folks! While you may not have the bandwidth to stay up-to-date with current social media trends, this is one straightforward tactic. There are many applications and websites, like MailChimp, that can help your organization craft an email marketing campaign. They even offer free templates and tips for email optimization.

2. It’s effective.email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaigns are quickly becoming a staple in nonprofit fundraising. Organizations use these campaigns to promote everything from current events to online donations. Some nonprofits even report making up to 28-41% of their online revenue from email marketing.

3. It’s “where the money is”.

It’s no surprise that in a digital age, people even want their giving to take place online.  Since 2013, online giving has grown 32 percent. This signals a rise in popularity for online giving, which nonprofits should take note of.

Additionally, research indicates that 51 percent of visitors to nonprofit websites view them on their mobile phones. In summary, when nonprofits make giving easy, everyone wins.

4. It’s got the greatest ROI.

Email marketing campaigns are incredibly cost-effective. In-fact for every one dollar spent, email marketing generates $38 of revenue.

5. It’s not just for fundraising.

Though research indicates that email marketing campaigns are highly effective for fundraising, don’t feel restricted to fundraising content. Email marketing builds and maintains relationships, and donors must feel connected with the cause they are donating to. Email campaigns can keep publics up-to-date about the latest events, testimonies and goals of your nonprofit, all which feed healthy donor relations.


So what is your nonprofit waiting for? If you’re looking for great tools and tips to get your organization’s email presence started, check out these great “how-to” guides:

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