2 Social Media Tips All Small Businesses Should Use

Social media is one of the cheapest ways to advertise and promote a company or cause. Therefore, it seems right that small businesses, who do not make corporate sums, take advantage of this far-reaching medium.

Small businesses make up the backbone of the U.S. economy and over 1.3 million small and medium businesses are generating trillions worth of annual revenue using social media. Here are a few tips to ensure that your small business is using social media to its utmost advantage.

1. Be Consistent

Signing your small business up for a Twitter or Instagram account is only the first step. The only way to ensure a steady stream of followers is to update regularly. Not every post has to be about discounts or upcoming events. Posting photos or sharing relevant links can be beneficial as well. The main goal is to try to stay within your followers newsfeeds even when there are no major events happening.

Social Media Tip

“This is a bookstore with strong opinions and a sassy personality to match. The business engages its followers directly with quippy one-liners and frequent @ replies that are — as the slogan says — building community, one book at a time.”



2. Engage with Followers

The best thing about social media is that it allows celebrities, public figures and even small businesses to interact directly with their followers. Having your small business be conscious of what is being said on social media will prove to be beneficial. If a customer complains, management can directly resolve the issue. This often results in happy customers sharing their positive experience having their concerns heard. Likewise, if a customer with a large following on YouTube or Twitter raves about a product or service, reach out to them, an your popularity can only grow.

Engage with Followers

Engage with Followers

After an unsatisfied customer complained about her taco on Twitter, Taco Bell sent her the above message. After receiving this, the customer promptly shared their response on Facebook.