Yik Yak : The App Explained

The latest social media craze is a new app called Yik Yak. Its basically an anonymous Twitter that you can comment on. So obviously its had some issues on its way to social media popularity.

Yik Yak works on a GPS system. The app shows the user the 500 most recent “yaks” within a 5 mile radius. There is also a column of the “hot” yaks, which have been created more popular by the Reddit style of voting posts up or down. The more comments or votes up a post has, the more popular it is. As posts become unpopular, they disappear from the feed.

As you might have guessed, this anonymous Twitter-meets-Reddit-meets-Snapchat has opened up a whole new front of cyberbullying. The app was being used at middle schools and high schools throughout the country, which was the main source of the drama.


After many issues of bullying, and even a bomb threat, the creators of Yik Yak used the GPS feature to block the app at all middle schools and high schools. The app now has a user agreement in which users must confirm they are at least 17 years of age.

According to the creators, Yik Yak is meant to be a digital bulletin board. They often site one heart-warming story of a college student who’s flight home for winter break was cancelled and he was then locked out of his dorm, after posting on Yik Yak an upperclassmen let him crash on his couch.

Even with the new precautions, it’s still looking like Yik Yak is the new College ACB. But as the case with many new social media apps and trends in college, it will probably fade soon.

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  1. I learned about the app earlier this week, it is awful!! There have even been schools email the developers to ask for a Yik Yak block on their zip code to discourage the popularity of cyber bullying. I fear for the younger generation.

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