Engage Millennial Donors Through Your Website: Do’s and Don’ts

engage millennial donors
Millennials control the future of charitable giving. As Baby Boomer and Gen X donors age, nonprofits are desperate for new ways to engage millennial donors. This task, however, has proven daunting. Though millennials are the biggest generation since the Baby Boomers, they currently contribute only about 11 percent of all charitable donations.

It’s no secret that millennials are most comfortable online, but many organizations don’t know what content is most effective among this demographic. Here are some essential do’s and don’ts for engaging millennial donors online:

engage millennial donorsDon’t: Use an Outdated Website

Millennials can spot outdated websites from a mile away, and they are likely to reject you for it.

Young donors want to engage with a relevant organization, and an outdated website design communicates irrelevancy. Engage millennial donors by making your website design-forward and easy to navigate.

Do: Allow for Online Donations

The “social media generation” wants quick and easy solutions. They want what they want when they want it (which is now). Approximately 65 percent of millennial donors prefer to give online, while only 17 percent say they’d prefer to give face-to-face.

Millennials are more likely to engage with your website if you provide them the opportunity to donate, so make sure this option is clearly displayed.

Don’t: Forget to Add Interactive Content

Millennials want to feel connected with the organizations they donate to, and adding audiovisual content to your website is a great interactive technique. Additionally, millennials are more likely to engage with an organization that communicates its social media presence.

Social media content, videos and images communicate your organization’s cause in a manner that is appealing to millennial audiences. This content communicates relevancy while connecting millennials to your cause, making them more likely to give financially.

Do: Make Your Website Informational

When it comes to charitable giving for millennials, it’s all in the details. Research shows that 86 percent of millennials want updates on programs or services, while 54.6 percent want information about the organization and its financial condition. Making this information available on your website could entice millennials to engage financially with your cause.

engage millennial donorsDo: Allow Donors to become Advocates

Millennials enjoy networking and sharing their experiences. When surveyed, 69 percent of millennials responded that they would be willing to communicate to family and friends about the organization they support. Utilize your existing millennial donor base by making them advocates for your cause. By providing them opportunities to share their charitable activities with peers, you may unlock the key to engaging young donors.