Facebook Story Feature Launched Globally

Launched through an app, the Facebook story feature contains new camera features that give users the ability to story. The Facebook story feature, released this week, also includes other Snapchat-like elements.

 Facebook Story Feature in New App

This week Facebook launched there story feature in order to improve creativity and keep up with other media platforms. Users utilize this app on there mobile device or tablet. The goal was to provide individuals with a more effective way to express themselves.

This app is an in-app, in-camera filter. Packed with dozens of effects, the camera app includes masks, frames and interactive filters. Facebook believes the app will fulfill this goal. The second component within the app is the Facebook story feature. Much like many other social media platforms did, Facebook wanted an avenue to share live footage as a story. This currently trending media tool is an engaging attribute for users. The Facebook story feature provides a way to share multiple photos and videos at once. The story stays posted for 24 hours then disappears. Similar to Instagram and Snapchat features, the Facebook story feature reaches specific individuals or every Facebook friend a user has.


Some claim the Facebook story feature is redundant and the idea is washed up. Facebook thought they were behind the times and that in order to compete they had no choice. The ultimate goal was to increase and encourage creativity. Some critics have suggested that if they were aiming to further creativity they should have come up with a new feature. They should not have launched a feature that has already been used. Furthermore, Facebook’s launch of stories marks the fourth time they have attempted to clone Snapchat stories. Read more here: https://www.thestreet.com/amp/story/14062826/1/snap-shares-sink-as-facebook-launches-copycat-feature-on-its-main-platform.html

Facebook could have found a more creative way to, essentially, become more creative, but the app is a threat nonetheless. Snapchat shares took a dive on Tuesday just as Facebook released the app. Analysts predict this will cause damage to Snapchat earnings so Facebook is clearly doing something right. Learn more about the new app here: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/facebook-stories-launch-globally-this-week-in-social-media/