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Businesses can grow with Pinterest

Businesses use social networks to advertise and expand their reach to new and existing customers. This way, businesses can present their product or service to a larger audience. Of all the social networks, Pinterest has proven to be extraordinarily effective for clicking through to the business’s site. According to a recent article, Pinterest generates four times more revenue per click than Twitter. Businesses are able to grow with Pinterest unlike any other network. 

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Pinterest created a one-to-one marketing style that connected with users. This effective technique helps businesses to grow with Pinterest. Each user has their own, personalized catalog as their profile. Because pins likely to appeal to them appear, marketers and businesses can tailor ads and products to pinners. All pins fit the aesthetics that suit the pinner. This pushes click throughs to the pin’s original sites. Example of Pinterest page

Reportedly, 22.1 percent of all pinners fall in the 35 to 44 age range. This is the largest percentage of Pinterest users. These pinners, likely, have more disposable income to spend on products. Millennials do not have the money, nor the time, to purchase products like the 35 to 44 age range users can. Marketers target their content to maximize click throughs and purchases.

Grow with Pinterest:

There are many ways to grow with Pinterest:

  1. Pin you products: It sounds obvious, but pinning your own product is the best way to increase brand awareness. Show customers how to use your product so they see themselves using it. Pinning up to ten times a day can increase traffic to your site.
  2. Keywords: Using keywords and phrases to describe your pins is essential to site traffic and click throughs. Google directs a search to Pinterest with specific keywords. For example, searching “Easter brunch recipes” brings up titular Pinterest boards. Keyword selection will help boost traffic to your site through Google and Pinterest searches. This is crucial for your brand to grow with Pinterest.
  3. Follow back: Once you have increased brand awareness through keyword optimization and product promotion, follow those who follow you. A pinner following your profile shows they’re interested; reciprocate the sentiment by following them. That way, you can see when they repin your pins. Following them also shows them you are interest in them. It creates a positive relationship without having to do anything other than pressing a button.

Using Pinterest to grow is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your site and brand awareness. You will reap the rewards and reach a customer base you had not before. Invest in your brand and get on Pinterest.

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