Americans Should Prepare for the World Cup

Heading to the 2014 World Cup

Like a business professional prepares for their meeting, Americans should prepare for the World Cup. With the help of social media, soccer has become more popular in the United States. The World Cup combines passionate soccer fans from all over the world, and the United States does not want to be unprepared for their meeting with the world. The United States currently is leading for top ticket sales to the World Cup matches. The statistics have showed that the United States has bought 154,412 tickets so far.


United States Men’s National Team

Getting to know the USMNT

Americans should prepare for the world cup approaching in May 2014. According to a recent article, “Dear America: Start Following MLS Now, Because World Cup,” “Soccer’s tide is rising Stateside, and there are plenty of people here whose passion for and knowledge of the beautiful game rivals that of fans anywhere else. But for the rest of us, perhaps it’s time to step up our soccer fandom. That way, by the time the World Cup begins on June 12, we will have already graduated from n00b status when it comes to supporting the United States Men’s National Team.” In order to do this, lets start with the roster.

This year, half of the United States National team will be from the Major League Soccer division and the other half plays around the world. Luckily, there is still time for Americans to prepare for the world cup and research the players. Today’s technology allows one to follow a player on social media and create a relationship with them. We can learn more about their daily lives rather than just seeing them as a professional athlete on television.

Americans Should Prepare for the World Cup

Another way to get to know our National teams players is to follow them in their league games before the start of the World Cup. Half of our National Team is composed of players from the United States Major League Soccer division. They are currently in season and play a game almost every weekend. For those of you who have heard of soccer and the Men’s National Team, you have probably heard of Landon Donavan and Clint Dempsey. The article also mentions five other players to look out for who haven’t reached the same level of fame.

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