Dallas’ BIG Brand

As the ninth largest city in the United States, Dallas is seen as a neutral city that may not be attractive to tourists.  As a Dallas native, I forget the treasures that are in our city, but that has changed through the rebranding of Dallas as a place where BIG things happen.

Last Wednesday was the launch of Dallas’ new brand. Along with it, came the celebration at Victory Park and the multiple media articles about the launch.  So is it really possible for a $4.2 million dollar brand campaign to change the way in which potential visitors see Dallas?

In this case, it might be, thanks to social media.

The way in which Dallas has designed their branding campaign is interesting because it is making those of us who live in Dallas, their brand ambassadors.

For the following weeks, people will be able to take pictures of themselves standing in between a 6 ft. B&G, making themselves the I in BIG.  From there, they will be able to upload those pictures up to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to win big prizes.

These contests are allowing residents to embrace or find their love for Dallas on the internet, where everyone can see.  The ability to convince everyone that your city is the best is difficult, yet something simple like the hash tag #DallasBIG is truly making a BIG impact.

Not only is the brand giving the city a new name, it is really giving the city an opportunity to go BIG.