Build Your Own Brand!

Every day there is a new colorful brand that pops up on Instagram to promote their product. Whatever that product may be, the secret to the success of sales is dependent on the person who is the face of that brand. Can a brand be driven by the experiential feel of an account rather than the product itself? What are the driving factors that make startup brands successful? I researched online to find out.

What is a Brand?

A brand is made through specific marketing and communication that distinguishes one product from another. The most successful brands create a relatable feeling that can be associated with the company itself. The idea of a brand is tricky because it is determined by the target audience and is not always controllable by the marketing team. It is important for a brand to stay clear and transparent with their marketing messages in order to serve the needs of its customers. This method creates brand loyalty with an audience.


Kourtney Kardashian started her own brand called Poosh. She marketed Poosh through her already popular Instagram account. Recently, she opened up about what her brand Poosh will bring to the public- a lifestyle website with e-commerce beauty products. Yet another Kardashian enters the beauty world! However, this brand will differentiate from Kylie Lip Kits or Kim Kardashian-West beauty products. Kourtney plans on selling already established beauty brands to her customers. Her strategy to sway her current followers to her new brand allowed the Poosh name to grow overnight. Instead of starting from scratch, Kourtney can steer her loyal followers to brands she wants to sell. Poosh can focus on improving marketing techniques to reach an even larger audience without the distraction of product production.

What Can We Learn?

Although an everyday person might not have the luxury of a verified account with millions of followers. The key is to find an audience looking for what you have to offer. Think about how your brand creates a story that people will fall in love with. Then, continue to feed your audience with the same honest message. This will bring your brand to life and hopefully become as successful as Poosh!