What Not To Do: Social Media Mistakes

Eager to master social media platforms? Get informed with the top social media mistakes to avoid!

In the year of 2019, social media plays a constant part in the development and success of corporate brands. Learning how to manage social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook. Snapchat, Instagram, and Pinterest, is a vital part of upholding positive communication with an audience. However, a company must learn how to successfully handle these platforms, which is not always an easy task. Read below to learn about social media mistakes to avoid!

1. Trying to master every platform.

With such a large number of social media platforms, it is nearly impossible to be present on all of them. If your company’s social media team is small, focus on the main three platforms – Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. By focusing attention solely on these platforms, a brand can enhance their engagement levels.

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Focus social media content strategy on the three main platforms – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

2. Disregarding video content.

Video creates opportunity for engagement and excitement amongst audience members. Companies should utilize video content on social platforms, especially Instagram and Facebook. Video reaches people in an engaging, personal manner, which can help promote products, brands, or people. To read more about the power of video content, click here.

3. Ignoring or deleting negative commentary.

In order to properly engage with your audience, a company must respond to feedback – both negative and positive. If a company ignores negative commentary, it looks dismissive and uninvolved. If a brand decides to deal with the issue or negative comments immediately, credibility and trust is established.

4. Posting heavy promotional content.

While it is important to promote your company or product, promotional content is often considered unappealing. While social media is a good place for this content, it must be posted sparingly. Posts that engage with audience members tend to be more affective and interesting.

Now that you’ve learned what not to do on social media, start posting!