Differences Between Millennials and Gen-Z

Born from 1998 to 2018, the oldest members of Gen Z are 20-years-old and quickly approaching the workforce. Who exactly is this generation and how are they different from Millennials? Here are the top differences between Millennials and Gen-Z. 

World Outlookdifferences between millennials and Gen-Z. 

Millennials and Gen-Z have very different outlooks on life. Millennials have a very idealistic outlook on life. This outlook stems from always receiving participation trophies growing up. However, Gen-Z has a more pragmatic view of the world from growing up during a very difficult recession. Watching so many struggle economically, makes Gen-Z far more sensible and realistic.

Money Habits

Millennials and Gen-Z have very different money habits. When buying a product, millennials focus on the entire purchasing experience. Conversely, Gen-Z is more cautious with how they spend their money. Gen-Z looks to maximize every dollar.


Millennials have always been characterized as a generation who wants authenticity. However, Gen-Z takes this mentality to a new level. Gen-Z looks for truly authentic brands. Additionally, Gen-Z responds well to content that is relatable and not “overly polished”.


Millennials and Gen-Z prefer to shop in different ways. Most millennials enjoy the convenience and ease of online shopping. However, Gen-Z wants to go to the store so that they can ensure the quality of the product.


Millennials and Gen-Z differ even in their preferred brands. When Millennials were in high school, brands were a big deal. Now, Millennials use brands as an avenue to demonstrate status. Conversely, Gen-Z does not want to be “defined by a brand.”