How to Restore an Image

Because I have talked a lot about public relations with events, I thought it would be nice to share and reiterate how to restore an image and the ways that I learned about from the article titled, “4 Ways to Rehabilitate a Sullied Image” that I found on PR News Online ( by Bill Miltenberg.

So how do you restore Image? Well this article taught me how by first demonstrating a scandal that left congressmen Anthony Weiner with a bad, bad image. Weiner for those of you that do not know was involved in a sex scandal, which was discovered via twitter. Although it may seem hard to make a comeback from such a disgraceful misdoing, it is possible, according to David Johnson the CEO of Strategic Vision, which specializes in crisis communications. According to Johnson, there are four things that one can do to help their image or gain back their image. First Johnson says, you must defuse the situation: the person must poke fun at themselves (go on a late night show), so that way you are admitting to the world that you know what you did was wrong. Then, Johnson says you must exhaust the media, schedule a press conference so show your honesty by answering any of the medias’ questions before addressing the issue for your candidacy. This also shows the media that you are not trying to avoid your misdoing, and they will begin to forgive you, because everyone knows that circumstances like that hurt your pride. Also, so you feel mad and that you made a terrible mistake. Then, Anthony says go further and adopt an issue that the public is concerned about that you haven’t addressed before, so it shows you really want to make up for it and actually care about helping your fellow citizens and over all, you’re the best candidate. Lastly, according to Johnson show your stability. This means that you need to show the world that you and your wife are talking and that you have at least tried hard to deal with the issue and that she hopefully appreciates that. Also, open up; be real about how you feel about what happen. If possible, open up about the forgiveness your wife hopefully gave; otherwise, voters will probably feel the ripple effect and do the same thing! I hope these rules have helped, because I know if I go into crisis management, specifically, and I’m left to help someone with a tattered image; I will hopefully be able to help someone with these guidelines, depending on the situation!