Track Your Fitness with Fitbit

For any of you fitness fanatics, you no longer need to keep a diary to manually log your daily routine. Tracking your fitness with Fitbit has revolutionized and made it much easier to keep tabs on your daily activity, given that you do not even have to think about it anymore. fitness with Fitbit

Fitness with Fitbit

Fitness with Fitbit

It is now possible to digitally log your fitness with Fitbit by simply downloading the app and collaborating your bracelet. The bracelet then automatically syncs your activity to the phone app throughout the day, so you can instantly see your progress. The bracelet tracks activity such as; steps, calories burned, distance covered and more. It is also an option to input what kind of exercise you have accomplished that day, for more accurate results. Also, the option to record what you have eaten that day compares your calories intake to your calories burned, and provides how many more you are able to consume in order to reach a goal. The bracelet only needs to be charged once a week, providing a reliable battery life that will not die spontaneously.

Number of Steps

The main ability of the Fitbit is that it tracks steps. By measuring stride and motion, the bracelet accurately counts how many steps you take throughout the day. It even works on the treadmill, although you are not technically making progress, because of its ability to track the strides. Depending on the amount of steps you set out to reach in a day, the app sends updates to inform you if you are getting close, and how many more you have to go until you reach your goal.

Set a Goal

Whether your goal is to reach a certain amount of steps in a day, burn a certain amount of calories in one day, or to lose a couple of pounds, the Fitbit will track activity to ensure such goals are made. By logging what you have eaten or what type of exercise you have completed that day, Fitbit compares the different attributes and informs you of how many more calories to can intake that day to ensure your goal is met.  Such goals are set on the application, and can be changed at any time.

Track your sleep

In addition to tracking fitness with Fitbit, the bracelet also tracks sleep. By tapping the bracelet right before you fall asleep, it enters a sleep mode to track movement, restlessness, how many times you wake up throughout the night. In the morning, the app provides and graph showing your sleep patterns, and how long you slept in total.

Fitbit provides a new and easy way to stay in tune and interested with your fitness, making it easy to track progress and reach goals.