Shazam That Shoe – Shazam To Take on Fashion

How often do you find yourself in a movie theater or on your couch watching an actress on screen with an outfit that you HAVE to have? But how do we get the clothes short of sneaking on set and stealing from the clothing racks? Shazam could finally be providing the solution.



Making Moves

Shazam, the mobile phone based music identification service, appears to be making moves to break out of the music industry and into the fashion industry. The company is creating a similiar service to their music identification service that will allow uses to identify clothing brands they see in TV shows with a new app.

Shazam That Show & Show Me That Shoe

Shazam might be the company to finally bridge the unnecessary gap between consumers at home and those on and working the red carpet. With one click a dress can be Shazamed and fashions will be linked to a purchase website, in the same nature that Shazam connects to iTunes for music. A perfect dream come true for fashionistas everywhere lusting after the fashions they see, but can never find. Soon enough these fashionistas will be able to Shazam shoes not just songs.

The Independent’s Article can be found here