Using Tumblr As A Social Media Platform

Tumblr is a site that lets users post and customize anything and everything that they find inspirational or interesting.  More companies have started branching out and using Tumblr as a social media platform to engage potential customers and showcase company creativity.

As the platform gains traction as a popular branding tool, there are ways organizations can effectively use the site to encourage online marketing.


When companies use Tumblr as a social media platform for this first time, it is important to keep the message they want to communicate to their customers short and relatively quirky.  The site is driven by ultra-creative content, so pictures, memes or animated GIFS will gain the most attention.


Even though many of the site’s users have their own blogs and personal pages, companies should not overlook Tumblr when it comes to creating or beefing up their online presence.  Similar to other social media sites, Tumblr is focused on creating a channel for followers and fans to share feedback with companies.  The site can be used as an engagement tool because it features an ask button that allows users and anonymous followers to openly send their questions, comments or opinions to companies.


More companies should jump on the Tumblr bandwagon because it allows organizations to become more human and relatable to a wider demographic of social media users.